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The Pumas Seven and the United States will face each other on Thursday, April 4 at 11:48pm in the 2024 Hong Kong Seven Championships. Photo: LR Composition

Pumas 7 vs. The United States will have a massive match taking place this Thursday, April 4th for the sixth stage of the Hong Kong Sevens World Tour 2024 at 11:48 pm and Republica Deportes invites you to follow it minute by minute live and free here, from the early hours of today. The Argentine national team, led by Santiago Gomez Cora, arrives at the tournament at the top of the classification, ready to measure strength in Group B against the United States, New Zealand and Great Britain. Los Pumas 7's first challenge will be against the American Eagles.

Pumas 7 vs. USA Live: Watch Seven Hong Kong 2024 for free

Pumas 7 vs. US Live: Welcome!

Check here Los Pumas 7 vs. United State. The rugby match will let us know the next winner of the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens

The rivalry between these teams is not new. Their last confrontation was in the semi-finals in Vancouver, when the Argentines won 35-19, which demonstrated their toughness on the field.

Pumas 7 vs. US Live, Seven Hong Kong 2024: What time does the game start?

Los Pumas 7's debut against the USA will begin at 11:48pm on Thursday, April 4th and will continue at 1:48am against All blakcs 7, on Friday the 5th, so it will be an intense match start. day.

As the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens is one of the most anticipated rugby tournaments by fans, below we leave the rest of the schedules around the world:

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The Pumas 7 were preparing hard for this clash against the United States. Photo: lospumas7arg/X

  • Spain: 6:48am/8.48am
  • Venezuela: 12.48 pm/2.48 am
  • Peru: 11.48pm/1:48am
  • Argentina: 1:48 AM / 3:48 AM
  • Brazil: 1.48am/3.48am
  • Colombia: 11:48 pm/1:48 am
  • Ecuador: 11.48pm/1:48am
  • Mexico: 10.48pm/12:48am
  • Canada, Ottawa: 12.48pm / 2.48am
  • USA, Washington DC: 12.48pm/2.48am

Where to watch Los Pumas 7 vs. USA in Hong Kong Sevens 2024?

For rugby fans who want to follow these exciting matches closely, Star+ offers a live stream of the event. The platform makes sure to provide complete coverage of the World Rugby Sevens Series without interruption when tuning into the match.

But don't forget that here at La República Deportes we will also provide you with all the action live minute by minute.

Who will be Los Pumas 7's next opponent in the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens?

Los Pumas 7's next match in the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens Championship will be against Great Britain on Friday, April 5 at 11:11pm (Peruvian time).

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