Rueda announces how he will replace James if he cannot be in the national team

The mandatory quarantine that travelers from countries like Colombia on British soil are required to cause not to transfer them to the following obligations to the men of “ coffee ” combined, such as James Rodriguez, Jerry Mina, Davinson Sanchez, Alfredo Morelos, Jefferson Lerma, and Stephen Allatt.

This is how Reynaldo slowly She announced at a press conference that it already had a plan ready to replace it in the event FIFA and CONMEBOL failed to obtain special permits for players to be exempt from these rules and They may be loaned out by their clubs.

“All this kept us waiting and We must be prepared in all requests for what is to be submitted. “ Observed at first.

Then he explained that He can use the scooter he made in Barranquilla With footballers from the Colombian League to replace those who cannot face Brazil and Paraguay on days 5 and 6 of Qualification in South America.

“From that group there may be one or more … all of them are eligible,” he said.

Although he said that today he cannot confirm what will happen, he indicated that he has done the necessary work so that the members of the mini-course can integrate without problem in Choose Colombia If necessary.

“We want these players to imbibe our concepts so that the work is really advanced when called up,” pointed out

Finally, he expressed his expectation of what the managers communicate with him and that he is in constant contact with the players who are in Europe to be aware of their present, as he realized this in the face of the epidemic and various measures. Governments There is not much that can be done. “

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Who will replace James in the national team?

In the video, the words of Technical Director Reynaldo Rueda:

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