Roman Abramovich’s buyer accused of racism

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Sale Chelsea Football Club. After seizing the assets Roman Abramovich On United kingdom The club’s fans are still very concerned about this. Especially since the show that looks convincing is the family show Ricketts. Franchisee Billionaires Chicago Cubs subordinate MLB are linked in United State With Donald Trump It appears to be a good option before the arrival of the new Saudi capital, but with it there is a racial controversy.

Tom Rickettsson Joe Rickettsto meet with representatives of two fan groups in London. The goal is to calm the spirits that exist after creating social media campaigns opposing the family’s proposal to own the club. Ultra groupWe are the shedHe issued a statement on Wednesday evening urging the rest of the fans to criticize the upcoming match against Egypt Brentford.

“To be clear, we don’t want anyone to be associated with racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism or any other bigoted view of ethnic minorities, marginalized communities or society. LGBTQ + Run our club (…) The message we want to send directly to Tom Ricketts, his family and Ken Griffin (Partner of the show) is clear: keep yourself away from the fans or stay away from Chelsea,” the club statement read.

The main reason for this refusal is in some e-mails from a decade ago in which the patriarch described the family Islam of ‘worship’ and acknowledgment that they were his ‘enemy’. Ricketts responded to this controversy: “Our family rejects any form of hate in the strongest possible terms. Racism and Islamophobia have no place in our society. We have developed deep and lasting partnerships with the Muslim community in Chicago, as well as with all communities of color.”

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the case

Tom Ricketts is the president of Cubs and in February 2019 he had to respond to the scandal. Splinter News He published several emails his father exchanged with another of his firstborn, Pete, in which the racism was evident: “I believe Islam is a cult, not a religion. Christianity and Judaism are built on love, while Islam is based on killing an infidel, an evil thing.”

In another message sent in August 2010, Joe was further exposed by sharing a YouTube link wondering if the president Barack Obama It was in fact a “Saudi/Islamic factory” controlling White House. Pete Ricketts had previously suggested to his father that he research “these stories” before sharing them, explaining that there was some ambivalence about their authenticity.

The Ricketts family at the Chicago Cubs Arena.

Joe Ricketts also met the controversy on his website. “I am deeply sorry and apologize for some of the exchanges I have made in my emails. I have received emails that I should have condemned. Other times I have said things that do not reflect my value system. I firmly believe that intolerant ideas are wrong,” he said. In any case, he was forever marked by this controversy that now runs through his family.

They are not afraid

In England they report that the family is continuing the buying process. In addition, conversations with fans will continue to convince them of this input The ones you received and that produced this rejection are not real. The Ricketts remain confident they can allay fans’ fears about their show. What happens this weekend in Stamford Bridge It can be very important.

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This hostile environment can also be repeated in the first leg of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals Champions League next week before Real Madrid. The current champions in this tournament face a huge challenge: try to counter last season’s achievement by eliminating the Whites. Fans can find new space to protest this issue in the first continental competition.

If the issue of the Chelsea sale has already been surrounded by controversy since the government took over the club from Roman Abramovich, the billionaires trying to take control of the London entity also leave a trail of ambiguity that makes followers distrustful. Among the other candidates to own the Chelsea consortium led by Todd BoyleAnd the Jonathan Goldstein And the Hansorg Weisson proposal Nick Candyunion Sir Martin Broughton And the Lord Sebastian Coo show Woody Johnson.

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