Robbie Williams got rid of almost all of his assets and now he has nowhere to live?

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the singer Robert Williams He’s going through a complicated situation with his wife Aida field and their four children. The family had nowhere to live after selling their UK and US properties.

The two homes the translator had, one in the English county of Wiltshire and one on a private site in Beverly Hills, were recently moved, and he has a total of $60 million in his pockets.

Unfortunately, Ruby and Aida They had no plan B to ensure their transfer, and above all their children’s school, the British artist admitted in an interview with an Australian radio station.

We really don’t have a place to live. We are homeless now. We sold almost everything, we don’t live anywhere like that and we are trying to solve this problem,” he explained in an interview with KIIS 106.5.

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He said Other problems they face in this situation are their children’s school life: Teddy, aged nine; Charlie, Seven; Coco, three, and Beau, two, who liken their problems to a Rubik’s cube they have to solve.

“The four kids are like the Rubik’s cube we’re trying to solve. If we send them to school quickly, they won’t see me all day, but if we go homeschooling… well, that creates more,” said Williams, who also threw several Banksy paintings that were part of his property. .

Robbie Williams’ four children. Photo: Instagram

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