Riyados asked the Mexican national team to reduce the invitation of its players

Was there an intention to call up more players? Yes, there was that possibility, but obviously We express our intention and concern not to be affected by many calls Because we played less than 48 hours after finishing the national team match.

“Then the cost would have been great. Fortunately, there was good sense and understanding on the part of the choice And they ended up calling only two players (Victor Guzman and Jesus Gallardo), ”the manager commented before Rayados’ visit to Mazatlan On Saturday April 22nd for Game 16.

‘Tato’ Noriega made it clear that Monterrey’s position would always be to support El Tri and call up the players, but this time it was much more complicated by the conclusion of the tournament.

“What I tell you is that as an institution, we will always support the national team in any situation and in any way, and it is clear that we have our interests in mind because the players who can be called up for the national team are footballers who represent our institution and our jersey. In this sense, any commitment from the national team It is respectful for us, as we respect the opinion of anyone else in the world of football who thinks differently.”


On the other hand, the Tato Noriega He announced that he had started negotiations to renew the Paraguayan midfielder Celso Ortizwhich terminates the contract at the end End of 2023.

“Of course we’re happy with Celso, he’s had a great season, he’s a team leader, a great professional. Being happy with his performance, his ways and just being the way he is, we’ve started to get involved in talks and we’re in it. Nothing concrete yet, nothing decided. Something, and I hope that with the passage of days we can give this good news. And the intention is that Celso will continue with us in the next tournament. “

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Monterrey prepares for her visit to Mazatlan with many casualties

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