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british prime minister, Rishi SunakMeetings were held to search forSecret agreement“With his predecessor’s former super advisor Boris Johnson And the mind of the campaign for Britain's exit from the European Union, Dominic CummingsThis is to help him win the next elections.

Sunday 'The Sunday TimesIt was revealed on Sunday that Sunak met twice with Cummings, who in exchange for his help asked for radical reforms in his government, which the chief executive refused.

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The paper Dominic Cummings -The first is like the right hand Boris Johnson And then, after he was fired from Downing Street In November 2020, as its biggest blight – one of the most controversial events in British politics.

A photo released by the UK Parliament shows British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking during the weekly Prime Minister's Questions (PMQ) session in the House of Commons, in London, on May 10, 2023. (Photo by Jessica Taylor/UK PARLIAMENT/AFP)

He is considered a big promoter of voting to leave the European Union European Union In the 2016 referendum and the overwhelming victory of the “conservatives” in the 2019 elections, but at the same time he is described as a conspirator who tried to rule the country. United kingdom From the shadow that Johnson protects.

In addition, he starred in one of the major scandals during the epidemic by violating the quarantine to take his family to his parents’ house in the north of the country. England.

The Prime Minister's Office admitted that Sunak met him secretly on two occasions, December 2022 and July 2023, but denied that he had been offered the position.

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Sunak wanted a secret deal that would get him elected and promised that he would take the government seriously after he was elected. But I would rather the Conservatives lose than remain in power without prioritizing what is important and the voters.Cummings told the Sunday Times.

According to the advisor attacking Johnson W Conservative Party From his blog, “Conservatives” would rather lose than rule seriously.

Then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in central London on July 6, 2022. (Photo by Daniel Lyell/AFP)

Cummings has offered to advise Sunak in exchange for him launching a radical tax cut, resolving public health strikes, improving nuclear weapons infrastructure, preparing the country for future pandemics, artificial intelligence and reforming…Broken government institutions“.

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He also wanted him to commit to defending the country's exit from the European Union European Convention on Human Rights.

The Labor opposition criticized the revelations and accused Sunak of remaining “Without ideas“And seeks to rely on”Ghosts of the conservative past“.

The interrupted Rishi Sunak You are asking the wrong question if you think that an engineer who broke lockdown rules, in Boris Johnson's failed term, is the appropriate response.The Labor MP said Jonathan Ashworth.

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