Revocation of authorization. Start the computer system

At the 20:00 o’clock point National Electoral Institute (INE) Opening the computer system of Revocation of authorization.

So far, 291 minutes have been counted out of 57,449 minutes, resulting in only 0.0656% participating.

This record refers to 60,901 votes, of which 5,541 are requesting the abolition of the term of the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador; 54 thousand and 482 follow-up and 878 invalid votes.

The page will be refreshed every 10 minutes.

They close the boxes with the fixing report 99.96%

With 99.96% of funds installed for Revocation of authorizationVoting ended at six in the evening, and counting began.

It should be noted that Prosecutor specializing in electoral crimes (FISEL) of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic (FGRSo far, it has received 15 complaints of violations during the authorization revocation process that took place on Sunday.

The challenge of de-authorization is that it is a binding process

During the democratic process this Sunday, in which the mandate related to the number of the President of the Republic was abolished, the biggest challenge was to achieve the participation of 40 percent of the nominal list of voters, i.e. suppose that at least 37.1 million voters participated so that this citizen number was binding.

If the required level of citizen participation is not reached, the event will simply not be taken into account and everything will remain the same; That is, in this regard, the President of the Republic remains in office until 2024.

Although in order to carry out the de-delegation process it was necessary to obtain signatures in favor of 3% of the electoral register, in at least 17 of the country’s 32 states, for the practice to be binding, it is necessary that at least 40% participate Of the 92 million registered in the nominal list, 805,424 citizens.

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