Returns! Share Columbia Tank, the most successful business reality show

During 20 episodes, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the negotiations that will take place inside the Colombian tank, where careful support can turn ideas and companies into a success story. Shark Tank Colombia hits the Sony channel screen every Friday at 10pm.

You won’t be able to miss a single negotiation in this new season! We tell you all the details he brings:

Shark Tank, the multi-award winning Business Reality Program, promotes business growth, based on the investment of experienced sharks and gives its participants the opportunity to submit investment projects, in the hope of obtaining financial support for their project.

We’ll see beloved and experienced Sharks Mauricio Hoyos and Ricardo Leyva, who have been in the tank since Season 1, and Andrea Arnau, Alejandra Torres, Leonardo Weihe and Sami Pessudo, who have been joined in Season 3.

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Joining the investor is Hanoi Murillo, who has extensive experience investing in companies globally, and Colombian entrepreneur Miguel Caballero, a Colombian businessman and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience.

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