Resident Evil 9 will be an open world game

It has been three years since its release Resident Evil VillageWhile Capcom has taken it upon itself to expand the series with a remake series, many are wondering what's next now that the Ethan Winters saga is over. on, A famous insider reveals new information about what it will be like Resident Evil 9.

Through his Twitter account, Dusk Golem, a famous insider, revealed this Resident Evil 9 It will introduce one of the biggest changes to the series, since there's been talk about it This experience will be an open world game. And that's not all, because this delivery, as well Monster Hunter WildsIt will be developed using a new graphics engine.

Currently, it is unknown whether the new graphics engine will be something completely original or not, Or an evolution of what the RE engine currently offers us. Despite these changes, Dusk Golem ensures that these two titles will use what Capcom has learned in development dragon's doctrine 2, Although they will still retain the DNA of their franchises.

For its part, Capcom has remained silent about the future of Resident Evil. For the first time in a long time, There are no new games in the series planned for this year. Although rumors indicate the possibility of a Resident Evil 5 remake, there is no clear information at the moment. For its part, Resident Evil 9 is expected to be available sometime in 2025, although there is no official information about it at the moment.

We can't wait to see what Capcom's plans are for the future of the series. On related topics, Dragon's Doctrine 2 Suffering from review bombing. Likewise, new details for the supposed remake of Resident Evil 5.

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There's a part of me that doesn't want to see a Resident Evil game set in an open world, because that would completely eliminate the horror of being trapped next to a terrifying creature. However, the same has been said about the change to first-person perspective, so there's no need to draw conclusions until the game is in our hands.

via: Dusk Golem

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