Researchers from the National Center for Agricultural Sciences encourage agricultural tourism

Through various initiatives, researchers from the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA), located in San José de las Lajas, are promoting the development of agrotourism in Mayapic.

This is evidenced by the workshop held in this graduate house, sponsored by the INCA Local Agricultural Innovation Project (PIAL), which had a representation of producers from the territory.

Isabel Alonso Perdomo, representing the Mayapic Tourism Minister and other executives from the sector, as well as from the sciences and agriculture fields of the Territory, participated in the meeting.

The meeting became an opportunity to clarify doubts and develop strategies that make it possible to implement agrotourism as an alternative to the social and economic development of societies.

Among the main benefits of this activity, closely related to ecotourism, are: the expansion of agricultural knowledge, the growth of the family economy, and the creation of new jobs for other members of the family and society.

It also provides the visitor with the possibility of direct exchange with nature, the physical and human environment of rural areas, its traditions and culture, and to carry out activities typical of the countryside.

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