Rejected bail for the father and grandmother who kidnapped a Cuban boy in Miami-Dade

father and grandmother to Jorge “Jojo” Morales, The Cuban boy who was kidnapped in Miami-Dade and recently rescued in Canadato Miami, where they appeared in court.

According to local media America TeVeAnd Jorge Gabriel Morales and Liliam Peña Morales were tried on Wednesday in Florida, where they were denied bail for interfering with the detention and abduction of a minor for several weeks.

Now, the two will remain in the custody of the authorities for taking the minor out of the country without the consent of the mother, who reported him missing at the end of August.

Kidnapping Jojo

According to the six-year-old’s mother, Yanette Lil Concepcion, the boy’s father went to his home to take Jojo as part of joint custody established after their divorce, but did not show up to take him back on the agreed date.

After he went to Morales’ house, the authorities discovered that it was empty, and that the clothes of the man, his mother, and the minor were not in the place. As a result, Amber Alert is activated.

After days of searching, police found Morales’ car in a state that borders Canada, leading authorities to suspect that the minor had been transported north.

At the end of October, the woman received a phone call confirming that the little boy had been found safe and sound in Moncton, Canada. After the Good Samaritan recognized the boy and alerted the police.

The minor’s father and grandmother had been arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, so it was known that turning the two over for trial in Florida was a matter of time.

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“I am so happy my son is okay, I feared the worst… every mother fears the worst…it was as if my soul left me. I am so happy I can’t stop crying,” JoJo’s mother told the local press shortly after learning of her rescue. .

Both are reunited soon after, the moment the video is captured. The boy’s family greeted him with toys at Miami International Airport, after his flight was delayed by a few hours.

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