Reggie talks about the mysterious figure of the art that Retro Studios has dedicated to him – Nintenderos

You will definitely remember it when Reggie Phils Amy Leaving his position as president of Nintendo of America, he showed him some gifts that were given to him as a deposit. One of them was framed and shaped art retro studios Where you can see Reggie surrounded by characters from that company.

However, in the art a robot is also shown in the back but in the photo it is shown covered with a Mario statue. Since then, many fans have wondered what it could be, and today we have news about it. This is it What Reggie shared The last AMA of compilation GameXplain:

He said he wouldn’t show the picture, but said that this character was a personal, sentimental sketch of a character the Retro Studios made for him. Retro boss Michael Kelbaugh, a good friend of Reggie’s, has made him promise that he won’t show it to anyone because he has an inside story, so he’s bound to keep it a secret. Reggie asserts that he put the Mario statue there on purpose because he doesn’t want anyone to know who this character is.

As you can see, it will be Personal “personal and emotional” For Reggie, though, exactly what will happen is still unknown. We will be watching for more information to be shared in the future.


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