Red Dress Guide: 10 Looks That Show Its Power: From Julia Roberts to Leticia

The most famous red dress or the inspiration you need for Christmas

yes The black dress It’s elegant and easy to use but can err on the side of ‘simple’ red It would be the opposite: shine without containment and the first choice when trying not to go unnoticed. It’s power, passion, party and birthday. To take advantage of its potential, we have reviewed Red dresses that made history. Designed by Julia Roberts Pretty woman dress Lorenzo Caprile – Red, of course – with which Leticia silenced the world.

1. Jennifer Aniston, in red Valentino

Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars in a red Valentino dress.gtresonline

law Project Valentine’s Day it him The poetess with the color red It started with an opera show at the Liceu in Barcelona. There he fell in love with the red costumes seen on stage. Since then, this shade – with very specific characteristics – has always appeared in its fashion shows. With it, he dressed some of the most elegant women on the planet. We remember Jennifer Anistoncool in The Academy Awards 2013. The actress gives us Best style advice To wear a dress like this: give it all the importance while leaving the accessories in the background.

Queen Letizia in a red dress by Roberto Caprile.

Queen Letizia in a red dress by Roberto Caprile.gtresonline

His first appearance before royalty in a red dress showed Leticia (then fiancée of Prince Felipe) trampling. To go to Pre-wedding dinner Federico de Dinamarca and Mary DonaldsonThe current Queen of Spain chose this dress from Lorenzo Caprile Which, for obvious reasons, went down in history. There will be, later, many more red dresses In Letizia’s closet, it’s the color in which you feel most beautiful and safe.

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3. Julia Roberts’ red dress Pretty womanCinema History

One of the most remembered dresses in cinema, how could I forget her. “It had to be red, and I fought for it.”to remember Marilyn VanceFashion Designer Pretty woman, about the famous appearance of Vivian (Julia Roberts), referring to the director’s failed desire to exchange this dress for a black dress. 23 years after the premiere of his movie describes power still valid.

4. Nicole Kidman and a gorgeous bow to finish off a red dress

Nicole Kidman in a red Balenciaga dress at the Academy Awards.

Nicole Kidman in a red Balenciaga dress at the Academy Awards.gtresonline

Included in all compilations The best looks from the Oscars. Nicole Kidman She blended into the red carpet in 2013, and wore this mermaid-cut dress with a big bow designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga. A simple trick to success in the art of wearing red that Nicole, a seasoned juvenile puts into practice, is to wear shoes of the same color.

5. Lady Di and the red dress that will be a trend in 2023

Lady Di wears Catherine Walker dress.

Lady Di wears Catherine Walker dress.Getty Images

Before that it was fashionable Diana Wells really took it. It’s amazing how much trends Of which Lady Dee was a pioneer. This dress Catherine Walkerfor example, sums up several points to consider in 2023: the neckline and asymmetrical draping will also take on volume and volume and, of course, red.

6- Penelope Cruz in a red dress from Chanel

Penelope Cruz in a red Chanel dress.

Penelope Cruz in a red Chanel dress.Getty Images

calculated It looks dyed red by Penelope Cruz, but they are all memorable. They say that success with a Scarlet dress It is imperative that you have some complicity with the brand you are designing for. Chanel ambassadorSo, it’s no surprise that the house signed this dress by Pe to celebrate a milestone: the recognition in New York MoMA As an artist of global significance.

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7. Kate Middleton and her Christmas look

daily is also allowed Red wear. What’s more, it is desirable, even if only from time to time: numerous studies confirm that this color makes us feel More attractive and powerful. The Princess of Wales is a fan of this color, from morning to night, and is closely associated with royalty. with this dress Catherine Walker – A good inspiration for winter wedding guests, or any Christmas look – they’re bright.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker And the red dress that Carrie would approve of

Sarah Jessica Parker in a stunning red dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a stunning red dress.Getty Images

Red “explodes” in the dark, which is why it is one of the favorite colors for evening looks. We remember Sarah Jessica Parker in this dress from Giles Deacon He claims that, at times, “More is more.”

9. Meghan Markle also had a revenge dress

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on one of their visits to the United Kingdom after their separation from the royal house.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on one of their visits to the United Kingdom after their separation from the royal house.gtresonline

The Colors what to wear send a message. Meghan Markle’s response (Among other bombs from his documentary) That’s when I was living in the UK alone He wore neutral colours For fear of standing up and breaking strict British protocol. she was Leave the royal house And incorporate red into your wardrobe. This brand dress Safia It is his own declaration of rebellion.

10. Bella Hadid, the woman in red in Cannes

Bella Hadid became the queen of the red carpet at Cannes.

Bella Hadid became the queen of the red carpet at Cannes.Getty Images

The model exploits like everyone else sensuality of red Through this dress with Large neckline on the back and strategic openings. design Dior which caused quite a stir in Cannes Film Festival. We only managed to say Fabulous!

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