Reasons to celebrate in Cuba

Two years have passed since the first meeting between the state leadership, experts and scientists leading scientific and technological innovation activities in the fight against COVID-19.

Two years of fighting COVID-19 knowing (+audio)

That was when the epidemic began to spread its deadly tentacles on this island, combined with the flair, experience and sharing of all Cubans, of responsibility and commitment the Greater Antilles were able to design health protocols, ways of working and, above all, vaccines.

Today, although SARS-Cov-2 is not a prior history, the country, thanks to what has been said, has been able to overcome this unprecedented global challenge, and at present, we are one of the countries with the highest levels of immunity achieved by a population .

So far it is, today 89.5% of Cubans have a complete vaccination regimenThat is equivalent to 9 million 918 thousand 63 people.

Only in this section, which is not an insignificant thing, we have reasons to celebrate World Health Day, which today commemorates the entire planet, and has done so since 1948, marking the founding of the World Health Organization.).

On this occasion, the theme of World Health Day 2022 is “Our Planet, Our Health”, and in this sense, Cubans also have reasons to celebrate this day.

It happens that Cuba prioritizes human health in balance with the environment. Did you know At a recent press conference Dr Eliana Morales Suárez, National Director of Science and Technology Innovation at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), outlined the actions our country is taking in addressing the challenges facing the environment and the entire planet today.

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Proceeding from the link between the health of this land in which we live and the health of the living organisms present in it, Cuba gives priority, through government policies, to minimizing the risks of the environment to a minimum prevention.

In particular, the risks posed by climate change are assumed with the state’s multidisciplinary plan: the mission life.

The flag of Cienfuegos in Lake Guanaroca preserves Cuba's most protected mangrove barrier.  / photo: archive
The flag of Cienfuegos in Lake Guanaroca preserves Cuba’s most protected mangrove barrier. / photo: archive

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment is responsible for implementing and monitoring the tasks of this state plan, which covers 12 areas, including: environmental health, epidemiology, vectors, science and technology innovation, education, communications, and investments, according to Dr. Morales Suarez.

Among the main environmental problems Cuba faces are:

Pollution in human settlements, inland and marine waters.

– Loss of forests and biodiversity.

Soil degradation, which threatens food sovereignty and the country’s ambition and priority.

permanent commitment

During the high-level debate of the United Nations General Assembly “Climate Action: For People, Planet Earth and Prosperity”, held in October last year, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez stressed that “the responsibilities and potential for saving life on this planet are clear. It is imperative that developed countries take the lead in reducing emissions and provide the necessary means of implementation for developing countries, in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.”

Regarding Cuba’s position, he noted that “our commitment to environmental protection and the full implementation of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Paris Agreement remains unchanged, and we ratify them here.”

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On this World Health Day and every day, this Caribbean island continues to certify – especially through very concrete action – what the then President emphasized: “We revolutionaries believe in human beings, in all that they can achieve their intelligence and will when there is consciousness. May we not lack Save ourselves!”

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