Real Madrid suits the Brits well

There is a motto in the world of football that guarantees that «The British footballer does not work outside the islands». The reasons behind such a strong statement are almost always the same: it is difficult for them to learn the language, to adapt to the customs and characteristics of the new country and, above all, to football. And is that this is usually more akin to pretense and mischief than to the insolence and nobility with which the inventors of the King of Sport in the United Kingdom use it. Examples of failure are many; From the 1960s with Denis Law landing in Turin, to the 90s with Paul Ince or Gascoigne failing at Inter and Lazio or even the 2000s with names like Pennant and Woodgate crashing at Zaragoza and Real Madrid respectively.

Today a 20-year-old British citizen named Jude Bellingham is determined to finish sayings and idioms about his countrymen. Such depth has not been recalled at Real Madrid since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bellingham is in CR mode

And I’m not exaggerating. Judd played two matches and was named the Whites’ MVP (Most Valuable Player) shirt on both occasions. His goal on his debut at San Mamés and his brace on his return from Almería set him in high gear The first White signing to score in the first two La Liga matches With the Merengue team since Wesley Sneijder and Cristiano Ronaldo did it. In addition, Stourbridge’s goal set another record: 3 out of 4 first goals scored in the domestic championship. Mark was held until Saturday by the Dutch gunboat Ruud van Nistelrooy. To this we must add an assist to Vinicius and a success rate of 93% in passes…

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But behind the data and statistics What is surprising about the Madrid dressing room is his “extraordinary personality” on and off the field. And Carlo Ancelotti himself, who changed his system for him, considers that his high level of adaptation is due to the fact that “the years he spent in Germany helped him a lot.” This is one of the main factors that distinguishes him from other citizens who left their home country. Jude does not come directly from the islands. Bellingham arrives in the Spanish capital having been named Bundesliga Player of the Year at just 19 years old (he turned 20 this summer in Madrid).

British at Chamartín

Reviewing the indisputable, let’s go over the debatable: Did the British work in Real Madrid? Well, despite what is said there, in general, they have. Our first example is in Laurie Cunningham. The striker, who came from West Bromwich Albion, made his debut in the league and cup double in his first season, and although injuries did not allow him the required continuity, he is no less true than that that he is the only footballer in the club’s history. Real Madrid fans applauded at the Camp Nou after an unforgettable performance.

The second British player to set foot at the Santiago Bernabéu has been named Steve McManaman. The brilliant midfielder won two titles as Real Madrid scored a memorable goal in the 2000 final against Valencia CF. In this way he became the first footballer of his nationality to win the Champions League with a non-English team. He won over the Bernabéu crowd with great goals (he didn’t score an ugly goal) and sympathy.

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We entered the galactic age with the advent of David Beckham. He took off with the power of the media hurricane, lifting the Spanish Super Cup in his first final and scoring in it. Collect from here Highlights With aids to remember (52 in 4 seasons) and a long desert voyage that can be attributed not only to him, but also to the decline of “Galacticos”. He had the potential to deliver a great final to the competition in his final season. (after Capello’s penalty) and left with a good taste in his mouth, triumphing in the so-called “Burning Nails League” (2006-2007).

And coincided with Beckham in Real Madrid Michael Owen. The little striker couldn’t do more with fewer chances. He always started as a substitute behind Ronaldo and managed to score 16 goals. Tired of sitting on the bench, the Spaniard left after one season in which he defended the Real Madrid shield. The adventure went wrong with the Ballon d’Or, but I don’t know of any Merengue fans who criticized him for his performance when he stepped onto the pitch.

The main disappointment in the English passport is called Jonathan Woodgate. In his first season he couldn’t even make his debut because he was constantly injured. And in the second, you also suffer from diseases, He played 14 very poor matches where he scored a goal And in the third he was loaned to Middlesbrough in order to feel like a football player again. This can be considered the first real failure of the Briton at Real Madrid.

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Let’s go with the oldest and most successful footballer who came from Great Britain to the Bernabéu: Gareth Bale. Welsh has had two very different phases in the White House. His first four years were dreamy. He scored 2-1 in the Décima Final in Lisbon, took one of the final penalties in the Décima penalty in Milan, scored the winning goal against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final, and scored a double in the XIII European Cup in Kiev. Oddly enough, when he left CR, he lowered his arms and resigned from the leadership he was supposed to. No one understood his behavior in the past four years, but he is still considered a true legend by the majority of Real Madrid fans. He has broken through the opposition goal on more than 100 occasions.

The most recent revolution was that of Judd Bellingham. And the Englishman seems determined to show us from the first minute that the English (despite the slogans that some repeat like parrots) wear the Real Madrid shirt.

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