Radio Holguin – MINRICS talks about the arrival of Haitian immigrants to Cuba

Today, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations (MINRIX) reported that since last September 11, Haitian immigrants have arrived in the national territory through various provinces in the center and east of the country, and as part of the humanitarian and solidarity call for Cuba. These citizens received all necessary care, including medical assistance and accommodation in various facilities equipped for this purpose.

In an information note, MINRICS reports that the flow of Haitian immigrants in our region has increased for several weeks, with the goal of reaching US territory.

These voyages in which lives are at risk, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expanded, take place in boats in perilous conditions, and because of these conditions, some of them have landed in Cuba.

Our authorities, in contact with the Haitian Government, and in accordance with the bonds of brotherhood, cooperation and solidarity that characterize the bilateral relationship, implement the relevant steps and coordinate in order to ensure the safe and voluntary return of these persons to their country. . , under international obligations on migration to which Cuba is a party, Menrix wrote.

Likewise, I reiterate the need to work towards safe, orderly and regular migration, which will only be possible if the root causes of this phenomenon, caused by the prevailing unfair and unequal international system, are addressed.

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