Radio Havana Cuba | They condemn the Israeli policy of control and hegemony over the Palestinian territories

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Ramallah, June 29 (RHC) The United Nations on Wednesday denounced that the establishment of a Palestinian state and the achievement of sustainable development goals in the occupied territories are almost impossible tasks due to the Israeli policies of control and hegemony.

And the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) warned in a report that this strategy “involves serious violations of international law and deprives the Palestinians of their fundamental right to self-determination.”

He called on the entity to help the Palestinian people reduce economic dependence on Israel, improve their resilience and achieve sustainable development.

The agency stated that Tel Aviv’s plan is to break up the occupied areas in order to maintain control over them.

By maintaining the military occupation and preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in accordance with international law and these practices and their like
He stressed that the repercussions blatantly deny equal rights between the two peoples.

ESCWA stressed that “the administrative, political and physical fragmentation of the occupied territories is necessary to consolidate Israeli control over Palestinian lands and resources.”

He warned that the neighboring country is using different criteria to seize land and natural resources in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

He noted that to maintain dominance over the Palestinians, Israel uses a two-pronged approach: demographic control and suppression of all forms of resistance, including disproportionate use of force and collective punishment, as well as excessive and arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.

The organization indicated that Tel Aviv, within the framework of its colonial plans, seeks to keep the Palestinian territories backward through measures such as the deliberate destruction of the means of production, the imposition of a customs union and the imposition of restrictions on the use of natural resources and the import of goods. . (Line: latin press).

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