Radio Havana Cuba | They accuse Brazil’s top legislator of thwarting Bolsonaro’s impeachment requests

BRASILIA, AUGUST 19 (RHC) As part of the national strike against administrative reform proposed by Jair Bolsonaro, protesters gathered in Maceio, Alagoas State, in front of the home of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Arthur Lira, rejecting from office to paralyze more than 130 requests to impeach Bolsonaro.

On July 22, Lira temporarily halted the operation against the head of state, after claiming the need to present material evidence against him, and ignoring 1,833 documents relating to government actions and omissions in the administration and confrontation of the law. The Covid-19 pandemic, which is being addressed by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI).

The rejection in Alagoas is part of the demonstrations organized by Brazilian union mediators under the slogan “National Strike” in 19 states and the Federal District of that nation, and they also demanded that the emergency aid of 600 reals be returned to the end. The epidemic as well as against “mini-labour reform” and the privatization of Correos and Eletrobras.

And in front of the House of Representatives in Brasilia, parliamentarians opposed to Bolsonaro’s government met to reject an amendment that they see as “destroying the Brazilian state”, because it endangers basic services for the population and confirms the reduction proposals made by the state.

It is about deteriorating working conditions in the areas of health, education and public services, the work of which has greater expression in the poorest sectors of the population.

Bolsonaro’s administrative reform proposal occurs when legislation approved by Michel Temer’s administration (2016-2019) is still in effect in Brazil, which freezes public investment in various sectors of the economy.

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Bolsonaro faces investigations under the magnifying glass of the Brazilian Supreme Court for the disclosure of confidential data of the Supreme Electoral Court on his networks, and an attack on the electronic ballot box.

In addition to a complaint from Senators Fabiano Contarato, of the Reddy Environmental Party; and Alessandro Vieira, of the Center Citizen Party, regarding the various accusations against him that were “ignored” by the Public Prosecutor.


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