Radio Havana Cuba | The Venezuelan Foreign Minister expresses the readiness of the United Nations to address the situation in Colombia

The numbers overwhelm the complicit silence that revolves around this tragedy
It is a disgrace to all democracies in the region

CARACAS, December 28 (RHC) Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia (pictured) has expressed the readiness of the Venezuelan government to coordinate with the United Nations Humanitarian Response Organization to address the massacres and killings of social leaders in Colombia.

In a message posted on the social network Twitter, the Venezuelan head of diplomacy reiterated the Bolivarian Executive’s concern over the systematic extermination of human rights defenders in the state of New Granada.

“A massacre takes place every four days on Colombian territory and every two days a representative of the social leadership of that brother country is killed. The numbers are overwhelming and the complicit silence around this tragedy is a disgrace to all democracies in the region,” Placencia emphasized on the communication platform.

“Our country puts itself at the disposal of the relevant UN agencies to coordinate a humanitarian response that puts a definitive end to the systematic extermination of human rights defenders for purely political reasons,” the president added.

The Human Rights and Conflict Monitor of the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz) confirmed the day before that 168 social leaders were assassinated in Colombia in 2021.

With these deaths, a total of 1,283 leaders have been assassinated since the peace agreement was signed in 2016, and of the total, 885 were committed during the current government of President Ivan Duque.

According to an Endepas report, there have been 92 massacres this year in the South American country, with 326 people violently killed. (fountain: PL)

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