Radio Havana Cuba | Nicaragua demands credible human rights reports from the Organization of American States

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c Guatemala, November 12 (RHC) Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, Arturo Macfields, called on the regional body on Friday to provide more credible and robust reporting on the issue of human rights.

“Speaking of a renewed America (the subject of the fifty-first session of the General Assembly), we believe it is important to renew the work of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and to make progress on its work reports, which in the case of my country are based on false news taken from press reports or tweets.”

Macfields urged that both sides of the same coin be heard, that there be more dialogue and that it be constructed in a harmonious way to capture all the nuances and colors of human rights.

He said that in Nicaragua, 1.5 million children receive free food in schools, and this is also a human right, such as the issue of access to solidarity housing, the repair and construction of more than a thousand health care centers and health units for the whole country. , pointed out.

He stressed that these are human rights, and in my country they are promoted and guaranteed.

In this sense, he indicated that they will present their footnote in the reports of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights presented on Friday.

The day before, the Central American country’s delegation reiterated its refusal to include the topic “The situation in Nicaragua” on the agenda of the meeting at point 24.

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Then came the protest with the voice of the alternate permanent representative of this country before the regional mechanism, Michael Campbell, who called on member states to “maintain an unfettered commitment to the fundamental principles of respect for national sovereignty, freedom of self-determination, and non-interference in internal affairs.”

Nicaragua “Respect yourself, Mr. President, we request that our rejection of this agenda item be recorded in the record,” Campbell noted immediately after approval of the agenda for the meeting presided over by Guatemala as the host country.

“We have remained consistent in our message and with the renewed mandate of the people of Nicaragua, granted freedom, transparency and sovereignty by the vote of nearly three million citizens on November 7, and we will continue to forge a future of peace, prosperity, and well-being,” Ambassador Campbell emphasized.

The objection of the Permanent Mission of Nicaragua to the proposal submitted by Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, the United States and Paraguay is already contained in the footnote to the agenda in item 24. (Source: latin press).

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