Radio Havana Cuba | Ex-Bolivian lawmakers who supported ex-president will be prosecuted

Photo: Agency of the Ministry of Transportation

Sucre, Oct 21 (RHC) The Bolivian justice will sue former deputies who supported the unconstitutional succession of Jeanine Anez in 2019, following the ruling of the Plurinational Constitutional Court -TCP-, which certified a coup d’état on Thursday.

Now is the time to initiate criminal proceedings for job-taking, and we will do so immediately; The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Freddy Mamani, declared that the people demanded justice and we must walk that line.

The MP said that this parliamentary body will refer the constitutional provision mentioned above (with registration 0052/2021) to the mixed constitution committee of the first state apparatus for analysis.

This document – he explained – asserts clearly and forcefully that there has never been a ‘power vacuum’ or ‘constitutional succession’ that legally justified Jeanine Anez’s self-declaration of 12 November 2019.

TCP also noted on Friday that the so-called “de facto” caliphate, which the rapist claimed to call itself, applies only from the presidency to the vice president, presidents of the Senate and deputies of chambers.

Mamani stressed that “it is quite clear that neither of the two vice presidents had the authority to exercise the presidency of the Senate or the House of Representatives.”

Former Senator Anez served as the second vice president of the Senate, while former Representative Margarita Fernandez served as the second vice president of the House of Representatives.

The court stressed that there was no ‘power vacuum’ or ‘constitutional succession’ in Anez’s self-proclaimed 12 November 2019, referring to her forgery in naming herself, first, the leader of the legislature, and later the executive branch.

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The illegitimate former governor, who held this position until the inauguration of the current executive in November 2020, remains in preventive detention in a women’s prison in La Paz, after being arrested in March for crimes committed during the coup. (Source: latin press).

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