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UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated at the Davos Forum that the world is in “dire straits”.

Written by: Roberto Moregon

The club of millionaires par excellence, the Davos Forum, has resumed normal life in Switzerland after the acute part of the pandemic, amid the daily coldness of that Alpine city, the same temperature as the global economy, threatened by grim omens.

With an agenda full of global situation problems, more than 2,700 major businessmen and politicians, surrounded by exquisite comfort, are balancing the grim news.

The World Economic Forum revealed a survey of heads of large transnational corporations, in which it was reported that two-thirds of them expect a global recession in the current year.

The private champions participating in the survey acknowledged the need to use scissors for production costs, in response to such an adverse scenario.

The outlook is particularly gloomy for Europe, with all of those asked expecting weak or very weak economic growth this year.

These expectations are certainly supported by the echoes of the global recession, inflation and rising interest rates.

But for the not-so-rosy views on the economic direction of the planet, accepted by participants in the exclusive rally in Switzerland, there is no analysis of how misfortunes can strike the lives of the most vulnerable.

In a world divided by the pandemic and conflict in Ukraine, and where order is being restored by the setback of globalization, an eloquent report from organization no Government organisation, NG Oxfam, on inequality.

Earth He is living for the first time in the past 25 years from the simultaneous rise of extreme richness and poverty, the source warns.

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The richest one percent of the population holds nearly two-thirds of the wealth created during the affliction COVID-19.

Meanwhile, more than 820 million people, or one in ten on the planet, suffer from hunger.

Although the warning of an explosion of inequality drew attention at the start of the Davos forum, those present did not change their assumptions and continued to recommend that governments apply the neoliberal prescriptions that have led to so many grievances in recent years.

Then, little can be believed in the motto that presides over the annual meeting of the Most Majestic: “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” because neoliberalism is precisely the cult of individualism, opposed to preaching generosity.

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