Radio Havana Cuba | Bolivia: The Public Prosecutor’s Office accepts the case against Oñez on charges of coup massacres

Demonstration against Oniz outside the prison in La Paz. March 2021 / AFP

LA PAZ, July 6 (RHC) The Bolivian Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday admitted a new lawsuit against the former de facto ruler Jeanine Anez (2019-2020) for the Sacaba and Sencata massacres, which occurred in November 2019, according to a report by the Ministry of Justice in Your Digital Networks.

According to Telesur, the admission of the lawsuit is the first step in the prosecution of responsibility, which will be required of Áñez as commander-in-chief of the armed forces at the time of the massacres.

The events of Sacaba were reported on November 15, 2019, when a large anti-coup rally against Evo Morales, of the six Tropical Confederations, attempted to bypass the security cordon erected on the Huilani Bridge.

Four days later, the people cut a siege near the Sencata fuel plant in the city of El Alto, also to reject the coup, and clashed with the military forces.

Gloria Kispert, Chief Relatives of the deceased Senkata, immediately received the fact that the lawsuit was accepted, and said in this regard, “We applaud, yes, but we want to go deeper, that justice has been served for these deaths.”

The National Director of the Plurinational Victim Assistance Service, Tito Tornero, in turn, considered the admission of the indictment to the Public Prosecution Office as a “great achievement” after a long process of gathering evidence.

The former de facto ruler is facing criminal process in the regular justice system due to the 2019 coup, sparked by the former MP of the Movement Toward Socialism, Lydia Baty; The case in which he would have been exposed to crimes of terrorism, sedition, conspiracy, and decisions that violate the constitution, laws, and others.

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