Radio Havana Cuba | Biden calls on diplomatic channels to ease tensions with Russia

Archive photo / RHC

WASHINGTON, December 30 (RHC) Today in a conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden called for the use of diplomatic channels to reduce tensions between the two powers.

The governor of the United States stressed that his country with allied countries would respond in the event of a possible invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow denied.

Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the US president suggested continuing negotiations to avoid getting to this point.

For this, Biden proposed using spaces such as the Bilateral Strategic Stability Dialogue, the NATO-Russia Council, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe from next year, the spokesperson said.

The incumbent of the Oval Office told his interlocutor, according to the official statement issued by Washington, that significant progress in these dialogues can only occur in a de-escalation environment.

The phone call between the two leaders lasted about 50 minutes, according to the White House, which posted a photo of the president on his Twitter account during the conversation he had from his home in Delaware.

This exchange is the second this month, after the video conference on December 7, and the sixth of the year after the Democratic politician came to government.

Earlier this month, Biden threatened the Ukrainian state with “strong” economic sanctions if Russian forces invaded Ukrainian territory.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied that their forces are about to engage in such an action and have asserted that their forces are moving within their territory for purely defensive purposes due to NATO threats.

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Officials from the two countries are scheduled to hold a dialogue on January 10 about the security demands the Kremlin made to the White House in early December, documents that outline Moscow’s aspirations for an end to the standoff and possible access to needed stability and peace. . (fountain:PL)

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