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with arrival Christmas, the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Leave Windsor Castle for Sandringham, a Norfolk country house where the entire British royal family gathers to celebrate. A special moment is the dinner, which includes dishes that the king approves of, so what do you usually eat? Here are the details.

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This would be the first Christmas night that Carlos de Galles’ mother would have to experience without Felipe de Idemburgo, who died at the age of 99 on April 9; However, the closest members of the royal family will be with her.

Christmas menu

While he was at Windsor Castle, the magnificent Christmas tree installed in St George’s Room, the place where Prince Henry Sussex and Meghan Markle had their wedding, in Sandringham has already begun preparing for the Queen’s arrival. Isabel II, which usually stays in place for several weeks.

On December 24, the British royal family exchange gifts, and on the 25th, they gather for a traditional mass at St Mary Madeleine’s Chapel.

For a traditional dinner at Christmas, The menu is special: stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, gourmet cheese, bacon, Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, Christmas chocolates and other desserts, as shown by .

Christmas has already begun at Windsor Castle and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has kept up the tradition of adorable tree decorating. (Photo: theroyalfamily/Instagram/Composition)

The rule of the British royal family is that no one can eat after the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom We’re done doing that.

After mass on December 25, everyone gathers for a lunch of sausage, bacon, eggs, and other types of stews. In addition, they all watch together the king’s pre-recorded speech and accompany him with tea with a Christmas fruit cake.

When it comes to gifts, members of the royal family follow the German custom of exchanging details on Christmas Eve. They don’t buy expensive gifts, but they buy cheap details and a joke that elicits a lot of laughter from everyone.

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