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The Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) is currently being evaluated for accreditation purposes for the Bachelor’s Degree in Water Management and Science by the Inter-Institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES), an organization dedicated to quality assurance. Educational programs and higher education institutions in the country.

Within this framework, a committee of external academic peers analyzes detailed aspects such as the curriculum, available educational resources, infrastructure, quality of teaching staff, learning outcomes, etc. related to the training of the student body and its impact on the social environment.

The aim of this process is to identify the strengths and areas of improvement inherent in the study programme, to make various recommendations which then aim to ensure its excellence and relevance in the current context, as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

At the opening ceremony, the Dean of UABCS, Dr. Dante Salgado Gonzalez, took the floor to reiterate the institutional gratitude to CIEES for the support and advice they have always provided in each of the evaluations conducted.

He said that, as always, all feedback resulting from the process will be well received and heeded, because it will come from a group with extensive experience in the matter and belonging to other prestigious Mexican universities.

Regarding the bachelor’s degree in water management and science, he stressed that it was established with the aim of providing specialized human capital that provides solutions to one of the basic problems we face today as a society, which is the lack of vital elements. liquid; Even more so in a state like Baja California Sur which has the highest water stress index in the country.

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He explained that UABCS is a socially responsible institution, which is very committed to addressing these issues in a transversal manner, which has resulted in strengthening relationships with various levels of government, contributing to important initiatives of the academy, but also research, publishing and linkages with the transfer of that knowledge that is generated in university spaces for the benefit of Benefiting society.

In this sense, University President Dante Salgado asked his team to be very receptive during the process and to provide all the facilities to the Evaluation Committee, because they are exercises that contribute to working more efficiently and, in a special way, to the University fulfilling its social mission as a public institution.

As an executive member of the Natural and Exact Sciences Committee at CIEES, Dr. Norma Villegas-López acknowledged the institutionally coordinated efforts to reach this moment, from contributions emanating from the degree itself, to the support of senior management at UABCS.

Despite being a young university, he said this kind of response shows and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to providing high-quality service to its students.

“This pervasive excellence in higher education is to ensure that work is being done in the right direction, and we want to contribute to that through CIEES. Our desire is that they maintain their strengths and address areas of opportunity that exist in all institutions, but often, because Everyday dynamics, they are not discovered internally,” emphasized Dr. Norma Villegas.

It is worth noting that the Academic Peer Committee consists of Dr. Alicia Chavez Guajardo, from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas; Dr. Genoveva Rosano Ortega, from the Autonomous Popular University of Puebla; and Dr. Dolores Magaña Luna, from the Autonomous State University of Mexico.

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