“Qiao Mbappe” .. The European press does not sympathize with the striker after France was eliminated from the European Championship | football | Sports

The Paris St Germain striker missed the fifth penalty kick that gave Switzerland a place in the quarter-finals.

France Press agency

surprising France’s elimination in the round of 16 of the European Championship He has a face for the European press: a face Kylian Mbappe, author of Punishment for the Murderer Who Italian Newspaper Gazzetta dello sport He said goodbye with the hurtful “Ciao ciao Mbappé”.

The star attacker from ‘Bleus’ and PSG appears on the cover Gazzetta dello sport, with a picture of his shot being stopped by Swiss goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

“The last penalty kick failed and Switzerland sent the French Super Cup home,” while Corriere dello Sport He is also ruthless with the French “10”: “Mbappe condemns France.”

The Russian press also shakes the world champion 2018: “Mbappe failed in the Eurocopa. Fatal penalty kick error, zero goals and scandals with his teammates, “says the sports information site Sports Express, which speaks of “The Fall of the Bastille”.

In Spain, the covers of the sports press logically monopolized the epic victory in the round of 16 for the “red” over Croatia (5-3 after extra time) in Copenhagen, just ahead of France and Switzerland.

But he does not stop insisting on the failure of France and the failure of Mbappe, who stands against Real Madrid, according to the Spanish media: BrandThus, the country’s best-selling newspaper talks about “a disaster that exposes Mbappe to criticism”.

For the Finnish newspaper evening news أخبار, “Kylian Mbappé becomes antihero”, while in neighboring Sweden, the tabloid Aftonbladet Titled “Kylian Mbappe a scapegoat”.

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Dr. Jekyll Way Mr. Hyde

in denmark, Policy Chooses to highlight the Swiss performance: “A new drama not for the faint of heart at Euro: Switzerland brings home the French world champions after a thrilling comeback.” Danish Radio Dr Headlines for his part “French failure: Switzerland eliminates the world champion in the European Championship after exciting penalty shootout.”

In the UK, misunderstandings are making headlines.

“France, whose defeat opened the whole competition, gave an incomprehensible performance with the atmosphere of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” sums up Daily Telegraph. “Fragility ended with inspiration,” he added.

on your side, Watchman He puts the onus on coach Didier Deschamps: “The blame will be deafening and long lasting. Didier Deschamps will be penalized for his reaction to the lack of left-back by switching to a three-man defense (…) a decision that would easily rank among the worst he has made during his tenure. Currency “.

Finally, in addition to the elimination of the world champions, the German press also talks about the spectacle presented by the two teams: “Thank you France, thank you Switzerland! This game was great!”, celebrate picture. “And a huge feeling! This widely circulated newspaper adds that the Swiss have knocked out the French favorites in the round of 16 in an impressive European Championship match.

“What a game!” , echoes kickerFootball magazine. “For more than 120 minutes we had the right to a crazy rollercoaster, full of goals, with powerful and magical moments, with penalties until the end. Kylian Mbappe came out of him as a tragic figure, Monchengladbach goalkeeper Jan Sommer as a hero.” (Dr)

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