Qatar and Egypt confirm that they have received a response from Hamas to the Biden ceasefire agreement

Qatar and Egypt announced that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) sent a response to the mediators regarding the ceasefire proposal submitted by US President Joe Biden to the Gaza Strip. The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “The State of Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt announce that they received a response today from the Hamas movement and the Palestinian factions regarding the recently proposed ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners and detainees.” They also stressed that “joint mediation efforts with the United States will continue until an agreement is reached.” He concluded: “The mediators will study the response and coordinate with the concerned parties regarding the next steps that must be followed.” The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also published the same statement. Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan previously confirmed that the “main points” of the resolution approved by the United Nations Security Council to support the ceasefire plan presented by Biden are “positive.” Hamas announced late Monday that it positively welcomed the UN Security Council resolution and requested to negotiate with Israel on the principles contained in the text, which was approved by 14 votes, with Russia abstaining. The plan is divided into three stages, the first of which proposes an exchange of hostages for prisoners and a short-term ceasefire. The second agreement stipulates a “permanent cessation of hostilities” and the complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza. The third and final phase includes a multi-year reconstruction plan for the Gaza Strip.

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