Putin said they tried to destroy Russia from within

Moscow-. Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Russia’s Western opponents tried to destroy it from within, but they failed, and the result of the sanctions was different from what was expected.

The president, who met with members of the Russian government, noted that the endless sanctions the country faced were aimed at destroying Russia from within, politically and economically, creating mass unemployment, and shutting down entire companies and industries.

Putin stressed that the result of the sanctions against Russia was “completely the opposite of what was expected.” He pointed out that “the Russian economy grew last year at a faster rate than the global economy.”

The Russian President stressed that Russia, according to this indicator, outperformed not only the main countries of the European Union, but also all the G7 countries.

He added: Together we sought dignified answers to the most difficult historical challenges, and together we succeeded in overcoming them.

The President noted that what is fundamentally important is that we continued to solve current tasks, and work actively and coherently on the development agenda within the framework of key national goals and priorities.

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