Puig expects regional tourism to increase after the end of restrictions in the UK

Generalitat Valenciana President Ximo Puig participates in the media breakfast at Europa Press
Alberto Ortega – Europe Press

The “chairman” of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, lamented that this summer was the second “lost, if not completely” tourist season in the Valencian community due to the decline in international tourism and highlighted the “first positive reaction” by the British after the complete end of restrictions in the kingdom United, they are waiting to see how the reserves develop.

At Europa Press’s informative breakfasts, The President of Valencia highlighted the good prospects for national tourism and lamented that the “rise and fall” in the international arena affects this essential sector of society.. He stressed that “the COVID passport guarantees security, we have safe beaches, and the destination is safe. We are a society that gives guarantees to those who visit us,” in a “tremendous effort” by tourism institutions to ensure health measures.

At this stage, Puig offers that they are studying the reaction of British tourists after the complete end of restrictions in the UK since this week, accounting for a third of those visiting the community.. “We are aware of how the COVID passport works and the public’s trust,” he emphasized.

He also lamented that “the media atmosphere that occurs in the European sphere is sometimes harmful, especially in the sensational media”, making it clear that it is possible to travel safely despite the restrictions.

Faced with this Thursday’s interdepartmental COVID schedule, Puig reiterated that all decisions will be based on the current situation: “The priority will always be to stop infection And take collective responsibility with the necessary restrictions.”

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Although he realized the situation was complicated by the stretch of the delta variable, he insisted it had “nothing to do with January” when there were roughly a dozen hospitalizations. “You have to make decisions, they have always been approved by the TSJCV and we think they are in line with the situation,” he stressed, adding that it is painful “in the spirit” that there are sectors that are still affected.

He also highlighted that the vast majority of the population are complying with the recommendation to wear a mask, something other self-governing bodies are now betting on and advised by the community in the latest health guidelines. Puig remembers that the problem is interior spaces and “moments of confidence because this virus is attacking our way of life, especially in the Mediterranean.”

As Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo agreed at the end of the forum that Valencians “respond well and responsibly” to the difficulty of keeping their distance when there are crowds.

Ahead of Thursday’s interdepartmental meeting, Barcelo stressed that they had requested judicial approval so that they could maintain some measures and restrictions like those imposed 15 days ago, including curfews in municipalities with epidemic risks.

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