Puebla adds more than $2 billion in remittances – El Sol de Puebla

From January to September 2023, a total of $2,354.78 million in remittances entered the state of Puebla, the highest number in the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) database, which began in 2003.

From this number, The entity raised $699 million in the first quarter of the year; $818.7 million in the second quarter and $836.9 million in the third quarter.

This economic resource of remittances entering the country came mainly from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Spain.

The figure announced by the Central Institute represents an increase of 17.4 percent compared to the same period last year, when an income of $2,004.36 million was recorded.

With this information, The entity of Puebla is placed ninth out of the 32 states of the Mexican Republic With the greatest appropriation of resources sent by migrants.

It has been exceeded before Guanajuato, which received $4,048.11 million; Jalisco with $4,027.37 million; and Michoacan with $3,985.23 million; Chiapas, $3,246.28 million; State of Mexico with $2,228.84 million.

Also on the list is Mexico City with $2,619.43 million. Oaxaca with two thousand and 385.44 million dollars and Guerrero with two thousand and 371.32 million dollars.

According to Banxico, 99 percent of remittances were sent via electronic means, such as digital transfers and applications, while the remainder were sent through cash or in-kind transfers.

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