Publications of the Cuban Science Series, a new service of the Cuban Network of Science

The Cuban Network of Science Portal (, operated by CITMATEL, will make available to everyone a new site called SERIAL PUBLICATIONS ( It provides direct access to one hundred and eighty-seven Cuban scientific journals, arranged by the following topics: “Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences (30), Biomedical Sciences (66), Economic Sciences (8), Exact Sciences (6), Natural Sciences and Environmental Sciences (9) , social and human sciences (24), technical sciences (15), education (25) and multiple subjects (4).

The vast majority of these journals have their own websites that have been updated this year, and previous years’ figures, where valuable contributions resulting from scientific research, application of new technologies and innovation implemented in the country can be referenced. This is a powerful tool that is suitably placed within the reach of students, educators, researchers and in general in the hands of all those interested in applying the most innovative products of Cuban scientific thought to solve the everyday tasks associated with the development of our society.

These resources have been added to other no less important sources available in the portal, such as: “Related Documents” for Cuban Science, “Libraries” of Science, “History of Science in Cuba”, “Science in the Media” for communication, access to reports Daily on Covid-19, Earthquakes and El Tiempo. visit Cuban Network of Science Portal ( You will find many resources to facilitate research and practical application of the results of science, technology and innovation.

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