PT-Brazil for presidential debates in the first round of elections

According to Kennedy Alencar’s column on the UOL news portal, the so-called pool model will be similar to the model adopted in the United States.

Alencar asserts that former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the PT candidate, attended 11 election debates, but, according to the party, there is no way to accept all calls that tend to increase.

The political organization believes that the caucus model is best for greater influence of each candidate’s ideas.

According to the columnist, the debate’s history on the open-air television commercial Rede Globo, always in the latter part of the first and second rounds, is considered bad by Labor.

He stressed that the party intends to propose the idea of ​​common disputes over associations representing radio and television stations, newspapers, magazines and portals. This pool rule also applies to Globo.

Labor must also submit its three simultaneous debate proposal to other parties that have presidential candidates.

Alencar points out that far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro’s participation in the discussions is a necessary condition for Lula also accepting the confrontation between the claimants to power.

Without Bolsonaro, Labor sees no point in having the front-runner in the polls heading toward the polls as a “boxing bag” for candidates who have no real chance of winning.

Polls reinforce more and more that the ex-union leader and ex-soldier will be the protagonists of the next electoral dispute.

Analysts assert that the richest country in Latin America is preparing for a duel in the opinion polls with a terrible effort, the result of which will echo beyond its borders.

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They noted that Lula and Bolsonaro’s dispute could become retaliation for a rift they were unable to celebrate in 2018, when the court then overturned the nomination of the former mechanic for alleged corruption.

The Supreme Court gave the Labor leader a second chance in March 2021 after overturning his conviction and rehabilitating his political rights, which once again opened the doors to a presidential race.

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