PS5 Slim is already there, and it’s much smaller than you imagined

In different regions of the world, especially in the United States and Europe, it is still very difficult to get a PlayStation 5. For this reason, at this time it may seem ridiculous to think about the first hardware review of the console, a version that will certainly make changes. In its design and perhaps in its performance. But while Sony is making a move in this regard, the talented Matthew’s perksfrom youtube channel DIY Perksa task has been set Create the world’s first PS5 Slim.

In the past, Perks have surprised us with their unusual creations. In fact, a year ago PS5 Air Conditioner With Elegant Wooden Box.

However, in their latest video they showed the process of creating the PS5 compressed variant from start to finish. The end result is more than surprising, because The reduction in dimensions was significant Compared to the original console.

That should be said too PS5 is huge; It’s the biggest video game console ever. This has caused some owners to have complications to put it in the living room. Perks work solves this inconvenience, since its size allows it to be placed even in the empty space between the TV and the furniture.

Can you do this project yourself? In theory yes, although it is not easy at all; Especially because of the tools that you must have on hand to handle different materials.

Perks faced the same challenge as Sony engineers when designing the PS5: The heat issue. If keeping the controller at an ideal temperature is really complicated, now imagine doing it in a variant where there isn’t even room for the original fan, heatsink and power source.

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What was the solution? As you already know, DIY Perks I decided to keep some of the ingredients outside. Sony is no stranger to this suggestion, as they, along with the PS1 Slim and PS2 Slim, have resorted to the same thing to make the body more compact.

The cooling system was the most complex ever. In fact, the copper casing created by Perks does indeed allow heat to dissipate on its own, but this structure is not sufficient. The next big step was to implement a liquid cooling systemAlthough it’s common in high-end PCs, it’s never been done before in a video game console — the PS5’s liquid metal doesn’t fall into this category.

Of course, the external unit responsible for cooling the PS5 Slim is huge. The space that is no longer occupied by the console is compensated for by the cooling system, although it can be located in another place hidden from the naked eye.

Before successfully completing the project, Perks had to solve a serious problem caused by personal error. The cooling system fell off the rooftop that was stopping it, making airflow difficult. PS5 did not cool down properly and stopped working. Worst of all The painting was damaged And it was necessary to open another console to extract its components and finish the job.

According to the advantages of temperature sensors installed in the second attempt, PS5 Slim has lower temperatures compared to the original version. CPU was maintained between 46 and 65 °C; RAM at 52°C and VRM at 44°C. According to the data provided by the YouTube channel The relationship between the playerThe original PS5 hits 75°C in the CPU, 94°C in RAM and 71°C in VRMs.

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Not bad at all; Let’s just keep in mind that an external cooling system was used and it’s not cheap either.

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