PS5 review will have cooling problems

We told you a few days ago about the arrival new Playstation 5 digital edition, which is slightly lighter than the original version, plus it also changed the design of its bottom screw to be able to unscrew it without any kind of tools. Well, it seems that there have also been changes in her ventilation system, and for the worse.

Austin Evans, common Youtube Technology, disarm this new variant of PS5 And I found its heatsink to be slightly smaller than the original version. accordingly, Evans He analyzed it with a thermal camera and found that the new model was 3 degrees warmer than the original.

Now, Evans suggests that this design change will have to do with the lack of parts, and the effect Sony To redesign the console to meet the demand. On the other hand, the Youtube He also says there’s not much to worry about in this regard, since outside of the heatsink, the other components are pretty much the same.


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