Promote business in the Granma as a tribute to World Environment Day (+ voice)

Dedicated to the restoration of ecosystems, the international campaign for World Environment Day in Cuba was titled “Reimagine, Recreate and Restore”, in order to save the most affected natural populations and assess their health status and management plans.

Maisel Ramos, Head of Natural Resources at Seta in Granma, specifies that many measures are being taken in the county in honor of the important anniversary.

Among the most important ones, GeoGuacanayabo events are highlighted, by Granma University and Ambimed, affiliated with the School of Medical Sciences, which aim to promote environmental stewardship in future professionals.

He also mentioned the reforestation campaign, which as a primary stage will have the Bayamo distribution on July 26, when mass organizations and students will meet to plant trees in that area.

Likewise, in the memorial salute, he announced the mobilization to clean up the coasts of the Manzanillo Coast, in charge of the Costa Viva environmental project of the University of Granma.

Despite the complex epidemiological situation caused by the epidemic, work on environmental issues has not stopped and strong policies are being strengthened in Cuba to confront negative phenomena in the future.

The year 2020 saw the closing of the cycle that began in 2016 of the National Environmental Strategy, which is the basic document of the country’s environmental policy along with the country’s plan to address climate change, called the Life Task.

In this sense, the Cabinet approved the new national environmental strategy 2021-2025, which defines the main strategic directions and actions in the regions and sectors.

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