Profestifalis 21 brings Ibero-American and European cinema to the classroom with “Ventana Cinéfila”

The alliance’s first project Between the festivals of Huelva, Seville, Malaga and Valladolid, Schools will award degrees in order to train future audiences

Cinéfila نافذة windowWhich will be held this year from From October 23 to November 23, that it educational project who – which shoot In 2020, Seville European Film Festival and Valladolid Semenci Festival In cooperation with Filmin in which primary schools and institutes attending ESO and baccalaureate participate.

This initiative has reached its first version More than 70,000 young spectators, a number that gives a measure of the high reception obtained by this program as teachers and students work together from teaching guides, published in Spanish and English or French, which are expressly prepared for each of the degrees.

currently The return of Ventana Cinéfila led by Profestivales21, a brand that brings together the film festivals of Huelva, Malaga and Seville and the International Film Week of Valladolid (Simense), to implement the project to educational centers With a common goal: cinematic training for future spectators to broaden their social outlook and aesthetic sense through newly produced films at European and Latin American level.

Ventana Cinéfila will provide participants with, Through Filmin . platform, a Twenty films selection: Eight feature films and 14 short films. Titles that address, in their arguments, aspects of enormous social significance such as sexual and family diversity, the challenge of migration and social integration, environmental development and the climate emergency or artistic creativity, among other topics.

out of the grand total 22 titles scheduledAll but one of the European productions are from Latin America, there are five animated films. In addition, it should be noted that many of these products have been honored at international festivals and have received the support of professional critics.

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The Eight feature films son: Robin Brandt, collectorBy Milorad Krstic (Hungary); float like a butterfly, from Carmel Winters (Ireland); just charlieBy Rebecca Fortune (UK); strikeBy Trevor Hardy (UK); melody, de Mohamed Rachid Hami (Francia); Boxy and the lost treasureBy Bella Klingel (Hungary); C button and lock motor driverby Dennis Gansel (Germany) and H20 . missionBy Alvaro Caceres (Venezuela).

addresses 14 short filmsIn brief: Ecosystem (+7 years): Journey to Earthby Ignacio Rodo (Spain), Nimbus: The Cloud Hunterby Marco Nick (Brazil) and AquariusWritten by Jorge Alberto Vega Rivera (Colombia). Briefly, the ecosystem (+3 years): The tree has already been plantedWritten by Irene Bly (Argentina); Little CousteauWritten by Jakob Corell (Czech Republic); ginko, (various directors) (France); immigrants, (various directors) (Czech Republic); Lynx in the cityBy Nina Pisarina (France/Switzerland) and The last day of autumnWritten by Marjorelin Bertin (Switzerland/Belgium/France). In Moralia (+7 years):Kite, de Martin Smatana (Czech Republic/Slovakia/Poland); Read WildBy Maria Teresa Salcedo Monteiro (Colombia); 028, (various directors) (France); The big wolf and the little wolfWritten by Remy Doren (Belgium/France) and reflectionWritten by Juan Carlos Mostaza (Spain).

In addition, Ventana Cinéfila is enhanced in the classroom with Educational guides and initiative development “Small-Scale Ideas”, divided into three areas of work, with interventions in the form of short clips by film professionals in editing, directing and music in cinema.

to me escalateIn collaboration with the Association of Audiovisual Editors of Spain (AMAE), the students participating in the Ventana Cinéfila project will be able to unravel the mysteries of editing through a series of pieces with educational purposes made by renowned editing professionals such as Fátima de los Santos, Fernando Franco, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Mercedes Cantero or Meritexel Collele.

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Based on the TitleThanks to the Association of Film Directors (ACCIÓN), the participating schools at Ventana Cinéfila will host interviews with different directors who will reflect on their first film experiences and the cause of their storytelling profession. The initiative is in collaboration with Abraham Lopez Guerrero, Alberto Morris, Helena Taberna, Ines Paris, Jorge Narango, Juan Vicente Cordoba, Judith Collell, Liliana Torres, Pavel Giroud, Rodrigo Sorgoin, Silvia Rey, among other names of Spanish cinematography.

Finally, the Study music in cinema It will be taken up by the Seville Film Festival of Music (FIMUCS) in collaboration with Loyola University. In this way, within the framework developed in the classroom, students and teachers will study the different working methods and the importance of music in film montage based on examples of soundtracks by film authors such as Pablo Cervantes, Luis Ivars, Ivan Lacamara, Manel Gil Englada or Zacharias Martinez de la Riva.

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