Production sustainability pursued by Uruguay in British agricultural technology

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) has several edges, among which the agricultural technology sector was one of the sectors presented at this year’s Expo Prado. This sector, which has a presence in many Latin American countries, focuses on technologies dealing with animal sciences, plant sciences, precision agriculture and aquaculture.

The British farming techniques They include, for example, tools for tracking animals, continuous monitoring of the weight and health conditions of livestock, and feed supplements.

Federico Pérez Wodke, responsible for agricultural technology at DIT for the region, explained to observer who – which “At agritech, there is a lot that Uruguay is looking for at the moment, which is sustainability”. For example, some of the technological advances that have been made relate to the genetics of sheep and cattle, for example, animals that generate less methane or have a more efficient conversion of feed to meat.

It was Perez’s work at Expo Prado Communicating with producers and presenting the UK’s access to this type of technologyAnd, as he said, he had several consultations and noticed a great interest on the part of Uruguay.

“I have noticed these days that there is a great desire to import new technologies and it shows that agriculture in Uruguay is looking outward and wanting to integrate a lot of things,” he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that the technology available to the agricultural sector and its development is part of what “connects” youth to the field. In line with this, he commented that the embassy will support an initiative that will be jointly developed by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) and members of agricultural institutions seeking technological solutions to agricultural problems, similar to the Ag Tech Challenge that was conducted a few months ago.

British agricultural technology was presented at the Prado Expo.

Connecting producers and companies

As explained, DIT’s agricultural technology sector aims to connect British companies and agricultural technology developers with Latin American producers, entrepreneurs and companies that may be interested in importing your services. He said the largest markets for British agricultural technology in Latin America are Brazil and Mexico.

He noted that the challenge in Uruguay is “to know how to do a close watch with such large herds”, since due to the expansion of British agricultural production – less than that in Uruguay – there are more possibilities to monitor progress “closely”.

Part of DIT’s goals is to ensure that British companies begin to focus on the Latin American markets and that US producers and potential customers see the available technology offer. Perez said that although “you have to show both that they exist”, he sees a lot of potential in the sector.

“There is a great desire to apply technology. The technological revolution in this field is coming,” he concluded.

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