Privacy Sandbox, Google’s alternative to cookies, comes to Android

Google notes that with this tool, the user will have the ability to manage topics of interest to the browser, although it will not interfere with sensitive matters, such as sexual orientation or race, and despite the analysis of the search history, the information will not leave the device.

Controversies over Privacy Sandbox

Google’s new tool for the world of cookies has been controversial. In Europe, for example, publishers, advertisers and media outlets have complained to the European Commission because they believe that substitutions violate EU competition law, as they would harm third-party businesses, but not have any impact on business. Search engine based advertising company.

Despite this, in the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has formally accepted Google’s commitments as to how it should develop its tools, so that it does not harm competition or unfairly benefit its advertising business.

“The commitments we have received from Google will boost competition, help protect online publishers’ ability to raise money through advertising, and protect user privacy,” said Andrea Coscelli, CEO of CMA.

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