Princess of Wales 'in artificial coma'

The Princess of Wales's life has been put in jeopardy due to the aftermath of the delicate surgery she underwent on January 16 at The Clinic, the same residence where King Charles III is recovering from prostate surgery. Last Friday.

Kate Middleton's post-operative period was more dramatic than could have been expected, and the princess was “intubated” and was “in an induced coma” after the operation. Kensington Palace limited itself to reporting that he had undergone surgery and that it was not due to a cancerous process, but it ignored all the complications he experienced, which were detailed by journalist Concha Calleja on the Telecinco Fiesta program.

Prince William expressed all his discomfort during his visits to the London hospital, and the discomfort within the royal family was clear. The British media had expressed concern about Princess Catherine's health. “Something is wrong”The Spanish journalist warns about what happened after he underwent surgery. Communications from The Clinic, a residence located in London's Marylebone district, were protected to maintain the royal family's privacy.

The heir to the crown has canceled his plan to focus on his wife and the princess's vacation will extend until Easter. Recovery continues In the hospital indefinitely Due to complications in the postoperative period, they explain why this period is longer than usual.

Regarding the recovery of Charles III, Buckingham immediately reported that everything developed satisfactorily, while the Prince’s Palace indicated a few days ago that no more information would be added about the princess’s health condition, which raises concern even if the risks are serious at this time.

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