Princes George, Charlotte and Louis receive a rare coronation gift

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Coronation of King Charles It will be one of the most important historical events for the United Kingdom and the House of Windsor is preparing for the King’s enthronement ceremony to be carried out successfully.

Although the inauguration ceremony, which will take place on May 6 in Westminster Abbey, is being staged according to novelty, it nonetheless seems to indicate that the youngest member of the royal family will have a prominent role.

less than two months after the coronation, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been given copies of a book about King Charles’ underwear.

This is “The King’s Pants”, the sequel to the popular British children’s book “The Queen’s Knicker”, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

“The King’s Pants” might seem like an unusual topic for a children’s book., but there seems to be a precedent in the UK. Author Nicholas Allan previously published a book that is now preparing a sequel to “The King’s Pants” and “The Queen’s Knickers.”

Book celebrating the coronation of the king

“The King’s Pants” is a hilarious and irreverent take on a new king and his favorite underwear. A king cannot rule without his royal pants. He’s got a pair for every occasion: coronation pants (you can’t be crowned without them), organic pants (edible for real emergencies), and even inflatable space pants (because you never know when they might come in handy). But in the mistake of royal mail’s boxer shorts, the king’s underwear has been sent to his subjects all over the country! How does the king manage?

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The publisher planned a campaign to ensure this was the book to celebrate the coronation with children across the UK and Commonwealth.

For now, the thought of your grandfather’s underwear will cheer you up during stressful family moments, especially when they’re the main protagonists at the party.

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