Prince William will be the new monarch of the United Kingdom after the possible resignation of King Charles III

According to various rumors close to british royal family, he Prince William Will prepare to be the new king to United kingdom, Since his father King Charles III And the current monarch of the nation, he is considering giving up the crown in a few years. The reasons, his advanced age and his hopes that the royal family would take more modern initiatives that his son could implement together Kate Middleton.

the British monarchy Prepares for new changes. King Carlos III was considering giving up his rule in a few years, as he maintains his wish that his eldest son be the one to take command of the crown and thus be able to start a process of modernization. Property.

Various sources close to Buckingham Palace It was confirmed that the eldest son of the deceased Queen Isabel II

He feels that he is too old to retain a great desire to rule for many years. Therefore, he would like his younger son and daughter-in-law to be heads of state of the nation in a few years.

part of the Rumors There have been many predictions that have already predicted this possible decision for monarch, Which could also be for reasons health. However, these have not been fully confirmed.

a fountain To the kings confirmed it Charles III It maintains a great desire to modernize the crown and give more “transparency” to the public. For this reason, since the beginning of his reign, he has taken upon himself the task of reducing some of the royal family’s costs and also reducing their profits such as Chief of state.

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These initiatives have received great support from general, As in recent years, the ideals of the monarchy have been turned away from it, for all the scandals that have affected and hurt picture And reputation from his kit members.

Meanwhile, the prince william, As the chief heir to the crown, he is the one who possesses all of these qualities to become the successor King Carlos III. Only a few years are enough for Prince of Wales And Kate Middleton To be the new official face of the UK monarchy.

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