Prince Philip and the tribe in Australia who considered him a god

The Prince Philip He was a controversial figure throughout his life, and he talked a lot about his alleged betrayals, his family’s connection to the Nazis (his sisters married the Nazis) and the controversial comments that landed him on more than one occasion, but in relation to a small tribe. Isle of Royal Australia where he was born Greece It was the closest thing to a god on earth.

For the English people, the Duke of Edinburgh He was the husband of the Queen Queen Elizabeth II, A man who supported her at all times who next to her became the longest serving British companion in history, as well as a style icon set trends, but he was just like any other king who has passed through Buckingham before.

Philip, Who was already royal before marrying the future Queen of England, lived a life worthy of a movie, and his father is said to have abandoned him to go with his sweetheart after his mother was confined to hospital for treatment for schizophrenia, in addition to the fact that he had to witness some of the The most tragic event for humanity, such as World War II Or ran with Irish Republican Army In his country (which appears in the fourth season of The Crown), we add to it all that in a lost corner of the world, the Duke wasn’t just human.

Prince Philip and his family

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Prince Philip and his story as a god on earth

For most countries of the world, the Prince Philip He always pursues the Queen (or even after the Prince William And the Prince George, Who are the heirs to the throne), but to the inhabitants of a small island in the Pacific Ocean called Tana, In an area Vanuatu, Located just off Australia, the Duke was something special.

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The tribe considers Philip the embodiment ofCustomIt is the number that represents their ideals, their culture, and the concept of promoting peace on earth.

Kirk Hoffman, An anthropologist who devoted himself to studying the people of Tana, believes that the locals, who live far from technology and the modern world, are part of a sect called Prince Philip movement (Or the Prince Philip Movement), which considers the Duke the son of a god who left the island in search of a foreign woman to become his wife, in order to have a son strong enough to transform him into the world.

It is not clear when the sect appeared, but it is believed that it may have been between the 1950s or 1960s, and the movement grew and stabilized after the official visit of the royal couple to Vanuatu In 1974, when locals finally got a chance to see Philip in person. People said that Philip He did not know the existence of the group and did not discover it until years later.

Hoffman He wrote that the tribe thought “a judgment United kingdom With the Queen’s help, he was trying to bring peace and respect for traditions in England and other parts of the world. If he succeeds, he can return to Tana, although the only thing that stopped him, as they saw him, was stupidity, jealousy, greed, and the perpetual struggle of whites.

Worship also believes that Philip Brother John Fromm, Whom they came to consider the reincarnation of another mountain god named KeraperamunThat was supposed to bring prosperity to the island.

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The anthropologist explains that on the island there are altars with pictures Philip, Who never denied the faith of the tribe, to whom they offer prayers and small sacrifices of food, and the death of the Duke is a great tragedy, because it implies that God will never be able to return to the island.

Do“The relationship between the people of Tana Island and the English people is very strong,” the tribe leader said in an interview with Reuters. […] We send messages of condolence to the royal family and the people of England. “

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