Prince Harry’s language in Netflix docuseries

      Today’s new episodes of Harry and Meganbut the latest, new trailer for this Documentary series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle It has already generated thousands of comments. in this occasion, The second part deals, above all, with the role of Harry, who talks about his decision to distance himself from the royal family. With that said, it’s time to take a look at your body language. Before you get down to business, if you haven’t watched any of the documentaries yet, take a look A moment to see the trailer So don’t be surprised spoilers.

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      said Judy James, a body language expert the sun: “We see Harry’s body language present in five different states in this short clip.” He also said:First we have strength. Harry hits the classic strength of the businessman When he says “I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t gone out when we did”. She rests her elbows on the arms of the chair with her hands clasped slightly in front of her chin, a position in which the lower part of her arms and hands form a bridge.”


      Judy adds, “His fingers on that bridge make a confident tapping gesture. It all gives the impression of a high-ranking person assessing the situation.” He continues, “Her thumbs are folded in this slight closure, which is another gesture of power/status. She raises her chin slightly and appears to be blinking. This gives her a look of authoritativeness.” however, Harry then moves on to a “less confident gesture”. Saying, “I said we have to get out of here,” and Jodi commenting that her “body language looks inappropriate.”

      “On the one hand we put his index finger on his cheek, but his other fingers are placed on his mouth or in his mouth while he is speaking.” Regarding this specific analysis, the expert explained that “Covering your mouth to hide it while speaking often indicates that you are not sure of your own words“, adding that “putting it in your mouth indicates that you are saying something that you feel uncomfortable or unsure about sharing.”

      Next, we see Harry smile during his trip out of the UK (the sign speaks for itself), and then we see him being interviewed about moving on to the next chapter in his and Meghan’s lives.

      Prince Harry


      “He appears with a gesture, indicating a desire to be loved,” says Judy, “and uses the stacking gesture with both hands to his left to represent or indicate some movement of things in his past while revealing The main reason for not moving forward with her perfect new life: “In order to move on to Chapter Two, we have to finish Chapter One.” In the past, use a similar movement of the hands to the left When we talk about William“.

      Prince Harry


      Finally, according to the pro, the last moment of Harry’s body language “it looks like he’s getting ready for a fight.” He also noted that “when he says it’s worth fighting for” he turns or shrugs his shoulders As if he was preparing for a real battle.”

      If body language experts get this much out of the 1.23-second trailer, everything promises to point out episodes. Harry and Megan What will we see today They will be like or more controversial.

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