Prince Harry talks about how he feels about the documentary

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          If you are following Harry and Meghan Documentary on Netflix You’d be, at the very least, scared. In it, both list in detail “strong” things about the British royal family and other “salts”, such as that they met thanks to Instagram or that “royals” rejected Meghan when they learned more about her past: “The thing about Be an actress It was the biggest problem. “There’s a huge stereotype about being an actress in Hollywood from a UK point of view, and it was very easy for them to define that,” Megan says in one of the first chapters. Meghan has developed how it was the first time she’d seen the Queen, and how she questioned her respect, because she didn’t know how long she had to bow. The “sarcastic” tone in which she told it sparked discussion on the Internet and in the face of these scenarios, The audience wonders if Harry regrets everything that happens: To give a lot of detail in the documentary, to release it…

          Well, the middle woman He has contacted a source close to Harry and this confirmed that he has no regrets: “Harry is thrilled with the narrative of the documentary. The reason for this is to share the truth about their lives. He feels he told the story he wanted the world to hear and has absolutely no regrets.The source (who was actually someone very close to her mother) also confirms that Harry’s decision to do the documentary was his way of following in his mother’s footsteps and telling his truth: “One of the reasons Diana spoke was to help the royals.” Understand the impact of recruitment by “the company”. She and Harry were brave enough to fight back. And if you’re wondering if they’d want other members of the royal family to see the documentary, the answer is: yes.Harry and Megan They expect family members to see it, or more importantly, to hear their feedback. But they know that nothing they talk about will ever be discussed publicly.”

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          Without a doubt, all this gives a lot to talk about. Currently, We can only watch the first three chapters of the documentary, But more content will be released next Thursday. And yes, we’re going to wonder if the royal family will watch that or not, but what ‘salsazo’ has the end of 2022 left us with.

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