Prince Harry says the UK will ‘always be his home’ and asks for police protection

lawyer from Prince Henry He argued in London that despite his residence in the United States, the Queen’s grandson would “always” consider the United Kingdom his “home”, under a court proceeding to obtain police protection.

Harry and his wife Meghan are no longer active members of the British royal family, they have lost the police protection afforded to them at the expense of UK taxpayers.

in order to keep it, grandson Isabel II He offered to pay it out of his pocket, which the Ministry of the Interior denied, a decision he is now challenging in court.

The couple, who left the country in 2020 and settled in California, where Meghan was born and raised, have special protections in the US, but Enrique argues they don’t have access to the information they need to keep their family safe when in Britain. Soil.

His lawyer, Martyr Fatima, argued at a London hearing: “The plaintiff does not feel safe when in the UK.”

She argued, “It goes without saying that she wants to go back to see her family and friends and continue supporting the charities with which she is so attached”, but most importantly that the “UK” has always been and always will be her home.

Last summer, the paparazzi chased Enrique’s car after it left a charity event. The next day, he and his older brother Guillermo unveiled a statue of their mother Diana, who had died in a 1997 car crash in Paris, and had been haunted by the paparazzi.

Enrique filed this lawsuit in September, but at the moment justice is still considering whether it will accept opening a procedure on the underlying case.

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