Prince Harry jokes about the competitiveness of the Invictus Games

On September 9, Prince Harrywho was recently at the concert Beyonce, He opened the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany, with an inspiring speech in which he thanked the competitors and their families for attending, and also joked with… Meghan Markle.

Harry, who before the opening visited the tomb of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, paid special appreciation to the new countries that joined the competition, namely Colombia, Israel and Nigeria.

So he winked at his wife, who had recently made a discovery: “Now, I’m not saying we have favorites in our house, but since my wife found out she’s of Nigerian descent, this year she’ll probably be a little more competitive.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in New York in 2021Getty Images

What caught our attention is that Meghan and her two children were not present during the inauguration. Archie4 years, and LilibetOf 2, however, it was reported that they will join him later and will stay in a very luxurious hotel.

This is the Hyatt Regency, whose suite will be occupied by the Dukes. It costs $2,200 per night and has a separate living room, kitchenette and bathroom with a rain shower.

In his speech, Harry also celebrated the athletes, who are injured veterans and have qualified to compete in the Paralympics representing the countries they served.

The Prince said the Invictus Games are a place of respect and called on athletes to follow this guideline and above all respect their personal journey: “These Games are not just about medals or finish lines. It’s about overcoming every perception that holds you back, especially the self-imposed ones.

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The Invictus Games were founded by Harry in 2014 and have since been well received, so more than 500 athletes from 21 countries are expected to participate in this edition. Among the specializations there are: archery, athletics, indoor rowing, He presses Bench, seated volleyball, cycling, swimming, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball; In addition, ping pong was added this year.

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