Prince Harry and Meghan reappear in the UK

On Thursday they were at Buckingham Palace to watch the historic performance of the Queen’s tribute ‘A Tribute to Colour’, but they did so far from the front row, from the cameras and from the balcony where the rest of the family stood. Yes, they were seen during the Thanksgiving Mass celebrated in honor of the Queen on Friday.

The couple have stayed out of the limelight on this visit to the UK, since they officially left their roles as full-time members of the British monarchy two years ago to move to the US.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have been denied entry to the balcony of Buckingham Palace because they are now “inactive” members of the royal family, have remained invisible to the broadcast of the “Color Salute” parade, watching from the office of the former Duke of Sussex Wellington.

The youngest son of Prince Charles, 37, has returned to the UK several times since “Megxit”, leading to a divorce between the couple and the monarchy: for the funeral of the Queen’s husband, Philip, in April 2021, and then for the inauguration of a statue with his mother’s doll, Diana.

He and Meghan also made a short visit to the Queen ahead of the Invictus Games in the Netherlands in April. But the couple remained invisible. For Prince Philip’s funeral, Meghan stayed in the California coastal town of Montecito where they are staying, where she was seven months pregnant with daughter Lillipet. This one, named in honor of the queen, never met the king or her grandfather Carlos. He will be one year old on Saturday, during Jubilee Weekend.

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Prince Charles of England arrived, Friday, at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, where he replaced his mother Elizabeth II, minutes before the start of the religious service that was held in honor of the 70 years on the throne, his platinum jubilee. .

Carlos arrived at the temple accompanied by his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, while his mother followed the events on television from her residence in Windsor (Berkshire) because she was unable to attend due to a “certain inconvenience”, according to a spokesperson. .

Members of the country’s navy, British Army and Air Force, dressed in red uniforms and bear-skin hats, surrounded the “Great West Door” entrance to the cathedral before mass began.

According to The Sun, Enrique and Megan, who arrived on Wednesday by private jet, were accompanied by the Queen’s protection staff, which the tabloid interprets as a gesture of rapprochement. In the UK, the couple is not very popular (63% of unfavorable opinions, according to the YouGov Institute) nor is it popular with tabloids, who do not miss the opportunity to criticize them.

In addition, Princess Anne and other members of the family such as cousins ​​and grandchildren, who arrived by bus, attended the ceremony.

They also watched the Trooping The Color military parade with other members of the royal family from the former Duke of Wellington’s office.

Other members of the monarchy arrived at the cathedral, such as the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Catherine, dressed in a yellow suit with a matching hat, and without their children Princes George, Carlotta and Louis.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with his wife Carrie, who was dressed in an elegant red suit and white hat, arrived at the cathedral shortly after the arrival of the opposition Labor leader, Keir Starmer.

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