Prince Charles exhibits his work in London

For those who did not know, watercolor is one of Prince Charles’ passions, which now prompts him to present one of the most important examples of his life through an exhibition of 79 of his works in a 19th century chapel located in London that can be visited until next Monday 14 February .

The heir to the British crown has been painting outdoors for more than four decades in the various places he loves, such as Scotland, Tanzania, Switzerland, France and Greece, among many others; In addition, his travels are also part of his constant inspiration.

According to international media versions, 73-year-old Carlos de Galles is passionate about mountains, rivers and the sea. He chose the watercolor technique because “photography was not satisfactory to him,” as he describes in a text alongside his work at the Garrison Chapel, in London’s elegant Belgravia district.

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Photo: kindness.

“It requires intense concentration and is therefore one of the most relaxing and therapeutic exercises I know. It takes me to another dimension, revitalizing the parts of the soul that other activities do not reach,” is another of the revealing expressions written by the true artist, who has been all this time creative of about 680 watercolors.

So far, no Prince Charles watercolors have been offered for sale, but some of them, which have been reproduced as lithographs, can fetch thousands of pounds online. Some of the lithographs are also sold at his home in Highgrove and all proceeds from sales go to the foundation organizing this exhibition or his other charities.

In this context it is highlighted that previously, in 1998, 50 works of Prince Charles had already been shown, but on that occasion they were placed in Hampton Court Palace, for his fiftieth birthday. While among his other shows was at the Australian National Gallery in 2018, when he turned 70, with 30 paintings being presented.

With information from Agence France-Presse.

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