Prime Minister calls for speeding up vaccination against Covid-19 in Vietnam

He pointed out that the health file must review and update the statistics on the demand for vaccines in localities, from that date until the end of the third quarter, to allocate them in a timely manner.

According to a document issued the day before by the government office, reported today by the VNA news agency, the number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the country currently tends to increase again due to the emergence of some new variants. Micron strain.

The Ministry of Health announced in its daily report yesterday, that during the past 24 hours, 1,761 new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed, which raises the number of patients reported since the outbreak of the epidemic to 10,772,980.

Over the past 10 days, about 11,400 patients with Covid-19 have been detected in Vietnam, of which 4,117 correspond to this week alone.

However, according to the same portfolio, green (safe) areas prevail on the epidemic map in this Southeast Asian country.

He explained that out of the country’s 63 provinces and cities, 51 are reliable regions for the outbreak, nine more than the report issued 10 days ago.

It also specified that 90.7 percent of the country’s 10,600 municipalities are recognized as green areas; 7.8 percent are classified as “yellow” (possible transmission), and only 1.5 percent are “orange” (high risk) or “red” (prohibited).

In the face of the complex development of the epidemic in several countries and the increase in cases in the national territory, the Ministry of Health urged the provinces to speed up the administration of the third dose of vaccines to people from 12 years of age and basic. One is for children ages 5-11.

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In addition, he called for strengthening communication efforts to educate the population about the persistence of the disease, as well as intensifying preventive measures and monitoring the emergence of new strains of Covid-19 or other epidemics.

So far in Vietnam, nine million 881 thousand 591 patients have recovered, while the number of deaths has reached 43 thousand 092, which represents 0.4 percent of the total infected.

More than 243 million and 300 thousand doses of vaccines against Covid-19 have already been applied in the country, and according to official sources, there is a batch available of another 21.5 million.

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